Purple With A Purpose To End Pancreatic Cancer

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About Us

Purple with a Purpose was started in 2012 by four friends who each have had a personal experience with pancreatic cancer. Once your life has been affected in such a devastating way you realize a couple of things:

- No one should ever have to go through the emotional and physical pain associated with this terrible disease

- You never want any other family to have to suffer with a disease that has no cure and little hope of survival.

Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all the major cancers. Each year in Canada 4100 people are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and each year 4000 people will succumb to the disease.

When tragedy strikes we find ourselves asking why.

Why, in this day and age can the medical professionals not detect pancreatic cancer in its early stages?

Why have there been no increases in survival rates in 40 years?

For friends and families left in the wake of this disease you have a choice. You can let the cancer get the best of you or you can choose to fight back. We chose to fight. We want a future in which people who are given a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can have hope that with treatment they will survive! We believe that this is possible and look forward to the day that cancer is in the history books.